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• Highly accurate motion sensing technology • Multi-point gesture recognition • Up to 50 interactive games • Turns any floor space into a multi-point interactive surface • Easy calibration • Interactive surface up to 18’x14’ feet.• Single/Multi user capabilities – several kids can play at the same time • Low maintenance operation • Customizable to your needs • Active entertainment for all ages – encourages running and jumping Eye Play Gold: • Includes 30 Games • Interactive Surface Size: Up to 18’x14’ Eye Play Silver: • Includes 15 Games • Interactive Surface Size: Up to 18’x14’ Eye Play Express: • Includes 10 Games • Interactive Surface Size: Up to 18’x14’ Each Eyeplay System Includes: • Eye Play Hardware Kit • Over 50 games to choose from included game titles: Solar System, Ice Hockey, Football, Candy World, Monsters, Coloring Book, Protect Your Planet, Cheese Heist, Fire Crackers, Capitals, Bubblies, Maze, Frogz, Disco Floor, Piano, Underwater, Drums, Super Soccer, Balloons, Hatch, Ball Pit Basics Eye Play systems use a horizontally positioned projector and an angled mirror to apply the projected image on to the floor.I actually use a photo of my cat for my picture because I imagine it would be worse if people actually could see what I look like.This most recent instance, I’d finally had enough and reported it.Sometimes you can be mid game and if you put out your card it will still run your time down and basically act like you did not put the card out (this is the freezing) then you get snoozed and are completely clueless as to how it even happened when you were actively participating.

This interactive surface, which can be as large as 18 feet wide, creates a fun, exciting, and engaging experience by tracking users shadows with highly accurate motion sensing technology.Power requirements: Standard 110-240v input, three sockets required as a minimum.Internet connection requirements: Ethernet Cable UTP Cat.5 with RJ45 Male connection (preferred) or a stable wireless connection.Overall I give it a 2 and 1/2 because it’s fun, just when the freezing happens it makes it frustrating.Don’t like how when you connect to Facebook it still doesn’t show your profile picture.The anchorage to external structures as booths is done using wires, cables and chains.

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