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That’s my confession: On Saturday, I went see the Long Island Medium perform at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center. –on TLC, I honestly expected to laugh or roll my eyes or I anticipated being utterly convinced that this New York middle-aged-stuck-in-the-1980s woman was a complete fake.

However, on Saturday afternoon, I did pay money to sit in the cheap seats and watch somebody else “talk to dead people.” At least, that’s what Theresa Caputo believes, that crossed over spirits come to her in hopes of reaching the loved ones they left behind on earth.

“Not for the person who has it, but for the ones who come into contact with them.” see the entire article on Cheat Sheet

READ MORE Paul Nassif -- the star of the TV show "Botched" where he corrects gnarly plastic surgeries -- is being sued by a patient who says his eyes won't blink after going under the good doctor's knife.… just ask Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Paul Nassif who says a con artist bilked him out of nearly 0K in a real estate scam. READ MORE Adrienne Maloof and ex-hubby Paul Nassif are back at it -- TMZ has learned, she's gone to court for ANOTHER restraining order ... READ MORE Adrienne Maloof just won a solid victory against her ex-hubby Paul Nassif ... Maloof was a main cast member on , and Nassif appeared on the first three seasons of the show. In 2014, Nassif revealed that he was dating Orange County sales executive, Chantell de Jong. A few weeks later, Radar revealed that the exec had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1996.In 2004, a tax lien was filed against her in the amount of ,014, according to the news outlet. Inquisitr also revealed that though he had finally gotten on good terms with his ex, Adrienne Maloof, the two would not be getting back together.I’d seen mediums “perform” on TV before–Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh, and John Edward. Their tactics–often called “cold readings”–seem staged and/or gimmicky.And the “whoever” they’re connecting to on the other side often seems uninformed or vague. ” The kids grinned, “we call it the big green monster!Those four families left that event very moved by their experience and seemingly convinced that they had been in touch with their dead loved ones. But whatever it was, it seemed far too inconsistent to be “God” or heck, even “Satan.” There was certainly some sort of gimmick involved.

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