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It got its name because the hunters of the Gloucester Fox Hunting Club (1766 to 1818) often gathered at the inn after the chase. During the Revolution it was used for recruiting and as a military headquarters. City of Woodbury Ellis House 44 South Main Street, Mullica Hill Many of the original features of this house have been retained, e.g., the fireplaces and the random width pine floors.(Private) Franklinville Inn At the intersection of N. 47 and County Road 538, Franklinville This old hostelry was once a well-known stagecoach stop in Little Ease (now Franklinville).(Private) Deptford Free School Building 33 Delaware Street, Woodbury The Ouakers erected this building in 1774 as a one-story school. Just when this sturdy building was erected, no one seems to know, but it was before 1826, for on March 8, 1826 Phebe Cake petitioned to have the license continued. The exterior logs remain intact, but have long since been covered with weather boards.In the 1860's the house and plantation were bought by the Griscom family, who lived there for eight generations.Southwood Baptist Church Death of the Fox Inn In Mount Royal, north of the railroad crossing on County Road 551 The inn was built in the early 1700's.

Built in 1793, the oldest Methodist Church building in Gloucester County is also known as the Old Stone Church or the Oak Grove Church. Alcyon Lake Holly Ave., Pitman Originally the site of an Indian village.

The personal letter he carried from President Washington allayed the fears and suspicions of local farmers who saw him drop from the sky. John Barnes, from whom Barnsboro takes its name, was issued the first license for an inn March, 1778.

(Private) The Benjamin Clark House On the east side of the Woodbury-Glassboro Road, Deptford Township The west section of this old brick home is the oldest, having been built in the late 18th century. Because of Benjamin Clark's patriotic activities during the Revolutionary War, his home was raided several times by the British. Bethel Methodist Church Route 47, Hurffville This church was developed from the lay ministry of John Barley who came here in 1764 -- an Irish immigrant.

(Private) Franklin Inn (Franklin House Hotel) Main and West Streets, Glassboro Glassboro's first tavern was built on this site by Solomon Stanger in the early 1770's.

The Franklin House was erected in the 1790's by Colonel Thomas Heston, who entertained the famous Gloucester Fox Hunting Club.

Jonas Cattell, is located in this old family burying ground.

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