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Asset creation continued for quite some time, longer than most projects, mainly due to the sheer volume of unique creatures, vehicles and environments that needed to be created.

In addition, whenever new designs were available we would ingest assets from ILM and the art department so that the previs reflected the latest and greatest that Gareth had approved.

Barry Howell: We worked closely with ILM, including Visual Effects Supervisors John Knoll and Mohen Leo, to create content for the LED screens.

The LED setup presented a truly unique opportunity to use previs in a whole new way.

We started by adding detail to the texture and geometry of our pre-existing previs environments.We teach you the proper methods of shallow water kayak fishing, or if you have the experience we can put you on the fish. five times and deconstructed the storyline, the characters and the visual effects, it’s fun to also consider how some of the iconic shots came to be.With this, we could take any previs shot, select a few points of interest, prioritize them and set a boundary area for the camera to move around in.From there, the tool could auto-generate hundreds of new and unique viewpoints based on the criteria we had established.Exploring the coast line of Cayucos and the Central Coast is easily enjoyed in a Sit On Top Kayak.

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