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Many of you have heard by now that Ebbe Linden (CEO @ LL) slipped news at Friday’s Third Party Viewer Meeting that LL is moving resources to developing a new platform, a next-generation platform built “in the spirit of Second Life.” I will provide links to related media and articles at the bottom of this post, and I highly encourage you to read them to form your own opinions. For some, this will be very exciting news and for others it will come as very scary news.For most it will create a level of uncertainty toward the future of our current virtual world. I have seen kids as young as 7 here, giving out their RL information.It all seems a little unconvincing as Ami is batted around without suffering any bruising or loss of teeth.The scene ends with battered Ami lying on the ground, quivering in pain.:( Produced by: Giga Running time: Two hours GIMPers who insist on down-to-Earth realism might have a tough time coping in Ami's universe.Heroine Fainting - Space Investigator Ami has plenty to recommend it -- beatings, whippings, rape -- but it would never be mistaken for a PBS documentary.Ami endures more shots and kicks, including more impressive punches to her face.

She also continues to be battered by a series of rights and lefts, still mostly to her face.In a new scene, a revived Ami is brought into a room where she fights one on one with one of the monsters who is wearing a helmet and a steel chest plate.Ami is now able to hit back but it doesn't matter as her swings have no effect.She does a great job portraying the suffering heroine.The plot has something to do with kick-ass investigator Ami trying to rescue her male partner from some alien villains.Hello, I've seen that a lot of you has visited my sites the last days, so I want to say hello to everybody here.

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