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You will find there are both good and bad men and women on any of the dating sites... There is no forum, no anything but a super basic profile which says nothing. You'll find the same thing there that you'll find here, only people there useually have some way of supporting themselves, signified by the fact that they are sending you an actual message. I don't even get to the point of rejection because not a single person has even said yes or no. Yah you heard right I'm not even being rejected...100 matches and counting 60 mile radias.You just have to be picky and be cautious that there are both men and women that are out there looking to prey upon others with alternative motives in mind whether it be money and/or sex, etc... soon as I made a profile within 5 minutes 3 women contacted me and I didn't even say much. its that I have showed interest in my ex, I am dying to see what she will say about me or if she responds or what she will say. You should read a little more or watch what you're typing, one or the other. And they do not pay attention to your preferences I did get one match that I did reject because a 48 year old woman with 4 kids living in Oklahoma was just to much for me. The majority of the men responding to me were married. The biggest shocker was the one who said he was in special investigations law enforcement and couldn't give me his real name or the town in which he lived. Me thinks I'll just read the forums for amusement and stay single. I recently signed up and have considered giving the pay service a try for a month.I come to POF for the forums, so far the best dates are guys on Craigs List - at least in my area. Some of the people there have memberships, so can e-mail them . I hate those sites that tell you that you have a message, but you must hand over your credit card if you want to read it. I have tried to delete my profile on both but for whatever reason the sites still have me as a member...I personally like pof for the forums..hell it is there not to like about that...

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Und Safari funktioniert mit i Cloud, damit du nahtlos auf all deinen Geräten surfen kannst.~ If it sound to good to believe ~ it more the likly is!~dar"I though something was really going to happen she led me on by saying the "I can't see us dating" quote "How did she lead you on with a statement like that?Was getting on well in the first emails, we were near the first meet stage, when I learned he was my daughters art teacher.That wouldn't have been a good situation, so we stopped it right sounds desperate ~ a woman lieing about her height ~what was is she? I've not bothered with any other site ~ after finding POF ~ I enjoy it Book of Matches was not bad ~ You can reach overload easy ~ then there is face book I think it's all what your willing to put into it ~ assuming the sites a good one to begin with ~ some are just a shake down tour.Hyggelig ansatt som kom med råd om at han ikke anbefalte å ta det helt hvit grunnet at da falmet det fortere. Flinke folk som kom med konstruktive løsninger på uforutsette hendelser underveis.

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