Tagalog dating phrases

You have to give your sweetheart something to laugh about. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. Bond with your loved one over a witty line, a funny movie quote or a really funny love quote. Walk down memory lane, recollecting the funniest days of your life, or the fun you had together. My name is Alan and I am an American that has been living in the Philippines since early 2014 and studying the Tagalog language and Filipino culture for many years before that.I am also learning the Cebuano (Bisaya) language at this time. The Tagalog people live in Manila and surrounding areas and even to the large islands of Mindoro and Palawan to the South. The Tagalog language as stated earlier is the basis for the Filipino national language.If you ask a native Filipino what the official language of the Philippines is, they will probably tell you Filipino and English.Quite simply they will love you for trying, even if you get the pronunciation wrong it will not matter because you have made an effort.To assist you with learning some Filipino phrases I have put together a useful list that will help you and enrich your travel within the Philippines.

I also lived in the Kampampangan speaking area for a while (Pampanga province) and found their language to be very different from Tagalog even though Pampanga is relatively close to Manila.

The Oxford English Dictionary used this Filipino salutation, literally meaning "long live," to greet readers in a blog post today announcing that dozens of Philippine English words are now officially in the OED.

English has been spoken in the Philippines since it was first introduced to the archipelago by US colonial government in the early 1900s, explained Danica Salazar, the Filipina author of the post who's been pushing to include Filipino-coined words into the OED."Throughout the years, Filipino English speakers have been adapting the vocabulary of this once foreign tongue, using it to express their own identity and way of life," Salazar wrote.

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Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness.

With that said, the Filipino language is still VERY similar to Tagalog and many people, including many Filipinos don’t make a distinction between the two.

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