Trouble updating wii u


Also, while I have an American Wii, I do not live in America, so please don't give me stuff like "turn your channel to 1 or 11" because I don't even know what that means.

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- Type on the adress bar This will take you to a popup box which asks you to enter a username and password. For the past few days, I've been, on a whim, trying to update my Wii system, just to check out the SD card update you know.To see if it's any good, whether or not I'd like it, nothing too big.- The default username is either blank or admin and the default password is admin . Close your web browser and check if now you can update your Wii.Once you are past the login screen, you are able to access (and change) a plethora of configuration options for your router. Note: Some thing might be different depending on the model of your router.I'd love to be able to ask around to see if anyone else is having problems, but no one else actually has a Wii system... And the whole moving your internet closer is pointless here as well.

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